Our custom-made furniture manufacturing process includes three fundamental steps that are fulfilled through the execution of as many projects: the preliminary plan, the preliminary project and the executive project.

The preliminary plan is a bi-dimensional project including a plan and some extracts from relevant prospects that are necessary to understand the global idea and the functional distribution of spaces.

The preliminary plan is followed by a concrete preliminary project, that illustrates the subdivision of spaces through a three-dimensional representation that is also useful to understand the reasons of implemented solutions and chosen materials.

The third step is the executive project, that includes the designing of every single element and the relevant product engineering necessary to realize the project chosen by the customer.

The price for the preliminary plan is € 200,00, and it must be paid in advance.
It will be accompanied by a free quotation including all equipment and furnishings.
The price for the preliminary project will be communicated upon request, and it is subject to variation in case the customer ask for a substantial change.

It is necessary to provide the following specifications:

  • Planimetric survey, walls measures, water, gas and electricity pipes position.
  • Significant sections to visualize any differences in level and the inner height of every room.
  • Photographic material accompanied by the corresponding plan indicating the exact places where photos were taken.

If you don’t have a planimetric survey, we can realize one for you. Price will be calculated according to the time needed to complete the work or according to the following table:

  • € 5/m² if you don’t have any survey.
  • € 3/m² if your survey needs to be checked.
  • Payment is based on time if your survey needs to be converted into a digital DWG format.

N.B. : Stated prices do not include any reimbursements that must be paid by customers.
This price will be refunded if you choose to realize your project with us.