Centro Arredo sells a wide range of slicers for hotels, indispensable tools for modern and functional kitchens; thanks to the considerable experience it has developed in the sector, it is able to offer high-quality items that are realized with the best materials available and state-of-the-art techniques. Display our line of slicers

Slicers for restaurants sold by the company are provided with the best safety measures in order to avoid injury and damage: the safety systems include hand protections, and make tools simple and easy to use. Slicers for industrial kitchens are largely made of special aluminium alloys, what makes them robust but light and easy to use; their surface is treated in such a way to gives customers the possibility to clean it well, what ensures maximum hygiene. Their robust structure and ease of use make slicers for hotels highly reliable and suitable to be used inside kitchens and spaces that host many clients every day.

Centro Arredo sells slicers for restaurants to the managers of accommodation facilities looking for high-quality tools who are interested in offering guests excellent services and sophisticated equipment. The company sells state-of-the-art tools at prices that are lower than the market ones, since they do not include warehousing and intermediation costs; the catalogue displays slicers for industrial kitchens that are suitable for any need and feature an excellent price-quality relationship